Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It's been awhile since I was last on the blogosphere. Time can be unforgiving and while I struggled to make it through the last few days of high school and the first months of college life (an endeavour that ended embarrassingly, mind you), I have since been in limbo. In the midst of things, I missed blogging and sharing my thoughts. I also missed teaching; sharing the intrigue and poetry of science is a noble endeavour, indeed. This brings me to my purpose for this blog.

I felt one of the best ways to announce my return would be to begin a blog with a broader focus than before. This time I'll be covering sciences of all kinds, debunking pseudo-science, teaching how to tell the difference between real science and pseudoscience, and posting various personal editorials and news articles on the status of science, secularism and the public. Science literacy is crucial in a democracy as many problems, though they have their roots in science, admit to no other solution apart from science. From defending science education in the classroom to news on Climate Change, The Secular Coelurosaur is my way of bringing the personal voyage and the poetry of science to the general public.

And, for those, who miss my essays on Paleontology and that lesson on Natural Selection, I will definitely cover those as well as any other fields. Come with me.